About Director S

What’s good?

Steve Smith is a filmmaker and storyteller with a talent for producing high-end visual effects and motion graphics for feature length films, commercials and music videos.

Born and raised in Queens, NY now living and working out of Dallas, Texas, Steven is the director and owner of Legacy One which is a Video Production and Post Production house.

About Director Steve Smith

They call me Director S

As a director, visual effects artist and producer with Legacy One, ‘Director Steve Smith’ has worked extensively in post-production, short-films, visual effects, CGI and in movie production. 

His passion for storytelling along with his dedication towards innovative filmmaking techniques and creating viral content, makes him an effective visual storyteller.

Film Director Steven Smith

I've got your next production covered.

A filmmaker with a passion for connecting with people and bringing out their stories
whose credits include music videos, commercials and feature-length films.
Steven Smith (Director, Filmmaker) is known for his ability to find the right angles,
locate the perfect shots and create storylines that connect with audiences.


Short Films, Commercials and Ads


Set Design, Keying Green Screen, Drone Footage and more.


Color grading, 2D & 3D Tracking. Rotoscope and Motion Graphic design.

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I'm inspired by..

Over the years, everything I’ve learned from my favorite directors I’ve incorporated into the work I produce for my clients. My wide range of skill sets are not only designed to impress, but to inspire and motivate.

Hype Williams, Ridley Scott, Director X, and Ash Thorp. Their expertise in filmmaking is limitless. Each director has refined their craft to the point where they are now at the top of their game – which is what I aspire to be with every client I work with. 

Hype Williams inspires me with his gritty designs, while Ridley Scott inspires me with his advanced designs and storytelling, Director X inspires me with his artistic vision, and last but not least, Ash inspires me with his graphic designs ranging from anime to 3D.

Let's make great films together

I believe stories demand to be told, and the best stories are made from a combination of images and sound. I specialize in high-end visual effects, motion graphics, animation for films, advertisements and music videos.